Dr. Tori Brown did not intend to write the book Acid Reflux. In fact her publisher at the time tried to talk her out of releasing this book because it was not the right time to release a product like this at the beginning of an international pandemic. Just like family, her mom stepped in to become her publishing company to release the book that started out only as a journal to relieve the stress that was occurring in our economy. As the days grew into weeks before she knew if Dr. Brown had begun to create a playbook for helping people experience financial survival. 

After releasing the book, she began to get inquiries about what would be next after the book.  Readers needed more from the good doctor to have more access to her and her expertise in helping people create successful businesses. This included providing the blueprint for creating fiscally responsible leaders by certifying each course participant as a personal credit consultant. We are not just giving you the fish to eat, but we are teaching you how to fish so your entire network of friends and families can eat.   


Live Course (Event Packages Will Be Mailed Out Prior) 

  • The Power of Ownership
  • Explore Your American Dreams and financial future
  • Become the Entrepreneur
  • Psychological Assessment for Entrepreneurship
  • The Family Business for Building Your Ark
  • Credit Consultant Certification
  • Securing Business Funding
  • Building Business Asset
  • Successful Business Operations
  • Building Your Real Estate Portfolio/Logistics Company
  • Business Panel Discussion with Q and A
  • Increase Business Revenues Strategies
  • Live Entertainment & Refreshments


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