The Acid Reflux book was written at the beginning of the Pandemic in early March 2020. It was written for the purpose of helping millions of people survive the financial fallout of the world shutting down. If you remember people were leaving jobs or being laid off. Millions were left unemployed with no unemployment benefits. Fast forward post-pandemic, not much has changed as the virus continues to disrupt the lives of people trying to financially deal with the challenges. Last year we helped hundreds of business owners start and grow their businesses in the primary industries of logistics and real estate.

Acid Reflux: Lite Work is an online class for providing tools for business ownership at an affordable cost. We realize that many want to start their business but do not have the costs associated with the value of 1 on 1 service from our business expert Dr. Tori Brown. So we have created a cost-effective option for you to get on track to developing your business. 


Online Course: (Book Purchase Required For This Course)

  • Overview of business set-up in your state
  • Establishing Your Business Credit
  • Identifying the right business for you
  • Essential business operations
  • Choosing a business partner or not
  • Business Documentation
  • Improving your Personal FICO
  • The power of FICO and asset development
  • State and Federal Business Certifications