+Do you have affordable payment plans for the Credit and Business Bundle System?
Yes. We have clients that start this program with as low as $559 down.  They are then placed on a payment plan of two additional payments of $559.  This is an affordable way for them to get started on their path to business development success. If no payment plan is needed most clients pay a $1,500 flat fee depending on the amount credit consulting needed.

+What are all of the fees associated with your services?
The credit and business bundle services vary on the amount of work of your credit report and the business structure. Most standard fees charged for businesses in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and New York are $1,500 (*Higher fees are associated with other states). This includes business state filing fees, business consulting services, credit consulting, and business development.

  • Other fees associated is $150.00 for additional consultations outside of service contract. (Introduction Calls are free)
  • Monthly credit monitoring service fees with Identity IQ. ($24.99)
  • If additional credit report research is required ($250.00).
  • Credit Report Enhancements can range from ($1,000 and Up)

+How Long Does it Take To Improve My Credit Score?
Most clients see results on their credit report after 30 days. The average client depending on the amount of issues on their credit report will expect to see closing results within 3 – 6 months.  This also depends on the clients ability to cooperate with the process making sure they are following their contract agreement for being part of this system.