Fresh Docs of Florida Inc, (Fresh Docs Inc) is a business development company located in Tampa Florida. We provide consultancy for start-up and existing businesses nationwide. Our services include corporate training solutions, business model development, consulting, curriculum development, and contingent workforce services. 

Fresh Docs Inc specialize as a leading provider of education, training and workplace development solutions nationwide. We understand that the quality of your workforce is the single biggest factor impacting your success. We value and practice DEI&A.

Founded in 2018, Fresh Docs Inc mission is to increase the number of non-traditional entrepreneurs in communities and build a higher performing workforce nationwide.





Non-Traditional Entrepreneurs
Non-traditional entrepreneurs are people that you would least likely expect to enter into the world of becoming a business owner. These entrepreneurs have challenges and barriers in understanding the process of business start-up, business funding, and business operations.  We provide resources and training to increase entrepreneurial awareness; which is the very essence of entrepreneurship: mind-set, awareness and inspiration. It’s about raising the individual’s motivation and capacity, independently or within an organization, to identify an opportunity and to pursue it in order to produce new value or economic success.  This population could include but not be limited to single mothers, single fathers, felons, unemployed, and under-employed populations. 


Business Assessment Solutions
We provide assessment tools to evaluate clients abilities to become successful in business. In addition, we are able to help the clients identify strengths for the type of businesses they are interested in starting. This has been a viable tool for the success that we have in the clients we work with. 


Specialized Training Solutions:
We have an established partnership with various community professionals to facilitate specialized training nationwide. Our core services are provided by our leadership and organization partners.  Dr. Tori Brown is the CEO and Managing Partner of Fresh Docs Inc since 2018.  She is a Licensed Psychologist, Consultant, Business Developer, and Published.  She has over 25  years of experience in consulting, grant-writing, contracts, curriculum development, training, and research. 

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Fresh Docs Inc holds a Small Business and Minority Business Certification; Women Owned Business Certification is Pending.

NAICS: 611710 – Educational Curriculum Development Services

NIGP: 92400 – Education and Training Services